Enabling Audience Marketing at Scale
  • Are you listening to your audience? Do you know what they are looking for ?
  • Can you have relevant conversations with your audience based on what you know about them ?
  • Can you measure and optimize interactions with your audience across channels ?

OhanaQB lets you do all these - and more. We make it simple for you to create compelling and highly targeted marketing experiences for your consumers - across search, display, social media and direct website visits. Try us out!

We use OhanaQB to manage our entire digital marketing effort across search, display and social media. Not only does it help us understand our audience behavior better - but makes it extremely simple to track and optimize campaigns across multiple parameters.

-- Surya P, Managing Director, BackStagePass School of Gaming

OhanaQB is brought to you by Ohana Media - a technology driven advertising startup with offices in New Jersey, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Reach out to us at aloha@ohana-media.com to find out how we can make OhanaQB work for you.